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The self-contained method of lifting and transporting containers was first manufactured in New Zealand in 1979. Since then, the concept has proven so successful that ISO container sidelifters in many different configurations are now the backbone of the transport systems around the world.

Here at McMillan's Engineering we have 15 years’ experience in every aspect of the sidelifter repair and service, regularly working on Hammar Lift, Steelbro, BoxLoader and Combi Lift machines. We know how important every machine is to our customers no matter how large or small.

We are the only company in the United Kingdom that specializes in sidelifters, with a large parts department and a 24 hour mobile call out service to keep your machine on the road and downtime to a minimum.

"Sidelifters are our life and our passion. Our experience is 100% Sidelifters."
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